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Here’s what we’re running into: He goes to the App store, locates the app, clicks ‘Get’ and ‘Install’, is prompted for me to enter the security code for our credit card, etc. Then he receives a message that indicates that a family member has already purchased the app, etc. He clicks ‘ok’ and the App store seems to try to proceed with downloading it. However, before it can go anywhere, it stalls out with a ‘Cannot connect to iTunes’ error.

This seems to be isolated to the older iPods. We know the app itself is compatible with v6.1.6, and the device doesn’t appear to be having any issues connecting to the iTunes store for any other apps. What should he do? I recently set-up Family Sharing with Ask to Buy functionality for the kids.

When one of the children submit an App Store request to Buy or Get, the notification comes to the iMac. How can I establish my iPhone to receive the notifications as well, as generally – I would not be at home when the request is submitted? If I create new apple id’s for the kids, will they lose any of the apps they currently use? My son is very concerned about losing his “worlds” on Minecraft! LOL
Also, can I use their email addresses for new apple id’s?

Yes, they will. All purchased apps are permanently tied to the Apple ID that purchased them, so they each will have to re-purchase their respective apps. Your son will, indeed, lose his worlds on Minecraft.

You can use their current email addresses for their Apple IDs as far as I’m aware. That is what I and my wife use for ours. Is there a way to be selective about specific home sharing content? In iTunes, Home Sharing offers the ability to share the entire library, or check boxes for Music, Movies, Home Videos, Audio Books, etc. All I want to do is limit access to Home Videos. When I uncheck it, the content is still shared to the house. I thought using the media kind “Home Videos” category, I could separate videos I don’t want the entire house to see. Seems this simple function doesn’t work?

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